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Swedish Politics


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Sweden is a representative democracy and the political power over the Swedish state lies with the government responsible for the elected parliament, led by the head of government, the prime minister, who since 2014 is Stefan Löfven. To state state, the country is a constitutional monarchy where the monarch, since 1973 King Carl XVI Gustaf, is the head of state. The royal title is inherited according to what is stipulated in the succession order. However, the king has only a ceremonial role.<br><br>
We are not communist or fascist or Nazi in this site. We are only democratic truth-believers.<br><br>
Sweden has four constitutions: the form of government, the succession order, the Freedom of Expression Regulation and the Statement of Freedom of Expression. The basic laws can only be changed by two parliamentary decisions with one parliamentary election in between. The constitution consists of the form of government and the parliamentary agenda.


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